Here are some areas in which Trial Advice expertise has helped trial lawyers throughout the country:




One consequence of the time it takes for a case to come to trial is that a trial team can become so close-too close-to the case and overlook opportunities for persuasion. Joe Gustaferro works with the trial team to maintain objectivity and avoid myopic approaches. He helps prioritize the crucial issues of the case, plan the most effective approach, and focus on the best means of presenting the essential points to the jury. He also helps you develop a convincing strategy for handling difficult aspects of the case, including physical evidence such as photographs, tapes and confessions.



Jurors must first make sense of a case before they can be persuaded. Legal issues and emotional themes must be interwoven throughout the case in a way that unifies all the elements of it for the jury. Joe Gustaferro identifies and isolates the themes the jury will understand and that will move them. The themes that emerge are integrated into the personal story about the client’s cause that is presented to the jury.



Jury selection requires a short, focused interchange that provides the prospective juror with information about the case, while simultaneously arming the trial team with knowledge about the juror’s attitudes, values and belief systems. Joe Guastaferro’s understanding of human nature and ability to read people, and his awareness of how to use form and structure to move an audience, helps your team organize the issues to be probed and develop the questions that will produce effective revelatory voir dire.



Observing and listing to people from the same community as the prospective jurors-and who have been exposed the the same local press about the case is an invaluable aid in helping the trial team prepare. Joe Guastaferro works with your staff to organize and structure eevnts aimed at uncovering the attitues and views of your prospective jurors.



Effective persuasion requires a fit between the information presented and the person presenting it. Credibility with the jury is tied to the belief the jurors sense the attorney has for the client’s cause. Joe Guastaferro works with attorneys, clients and witnesses to insure the effective communication of each person’s important contribution to the trial.



Talking with jurors after they have reached their verdict provides important insights into how the overall trial plan helped the jury gather, organize and use the information presented at trial. To improve the skills you’ll bring to your next trial, it will be useful to get feedback from jurors on the trial you’ve just finished. Joe Gustaferro’s interviewing skills, combined with his personable and energetic style allow him to engage jurors informally to learn what they found persuasive and how they arrived at their decision.