Joe has an undergraduate degree in English and advanced degrees in Theatre Arts fro the University of Connecticut and Carnegie Mellon University. He is a trained stage director and actor, who has worked in film and television. He has a keen awareness of dramatic structure, and a sensitivity for human behavior. He uses this discipline and focus of an artist to explore the unique communication opportunities of the courtroom while integrating all elements in the case culminating in effective persuasion at trial.


Joe works almost exclusively with criminal defense teams. He has picked juries in numerous high profile criminal cases. Joe has worked with defense teams in 35 capital cases, 18 of which went to trial, as either a jury consultant, court appointed mitigation specialist or both.



Comments From Lawyers Who Have Worked With Trial Advice:

“Joe’s insights are common sense wisdom you can use.”   – Gerry Spence


“I have two words to describe Joe’s work on two separate murder cases…Not Guilty!”  – Robin Lemonidis, Melbourne, FL


“Joe has an exceptional ability to see the trial as a story that needs to be presented with compassion and impact to the jury. He sees the trial as an integrated whole and his unique insights into what is of concern for the jurors, keep the trial team focused on what it will take to persuade. From jury selection to final arguments, having Joe on the team is like having an ombudsman for the jury – in on all the brainstorming and strategic planning. His input is invaluable.”  – Richard Lubin, West Palm Beach, FL


“Gustaferro’s command of drama and awareness of human behavior provide more than the competitive edge in the courtroom…they make a difference.”  – David Lewis, New York, NY


“Joe’s focus forces you to see your case the way real people actually see it, not the way a lawyer hopes they will see it. He helps you find the best human themes which persuade the jury to understand that your dramatic vision of the events is the only vision which they should accept. Joe is a real addition to any case.”  – Charles Fels, Knoxville,KY


Comments on Lectures and Presentations:

“Dynamic, knowledgeable and resourceful!”
“Answered questions I didn’t know I had”
“He’s a pro”
“For once the seminar speaker held my interest throughout the whole seminar!”
“The seminar was perfect. Guastaferro is an excellent speaker”
“Phenomenal Presentation!”