Trial Advice owner, Joe Guastaferro, is a highly experienced trial consultant specializing in jury selection and courtroom persuasion.



As a trial lawyer you must be concerned not only with presenting the fact of the case, but also with the jury’s perception of the facts. You also want the jurors to feel they are acting fairly in deciding in a favor of your client. Your power of persuasion has a direct impact on the outcome of the case. Having Joe on your team gives you a persuasion advantage. He focuses your team on the connection between the issues in the case and the life-concerns jurors bring with them to the courthouse.


Finding a fit between the facts and the law is just the beginning of the persuasion process. Every jury has a personality and identity of its own. Cases involving similar issues should not be tried the same way before different juries. Joe works with the defense team to connect the theory of the case with the individual and community attitudes jurors bring with them.


In this age of one-stop shopping, where consulting firms promise to deliver everything from brainstorming to graphics for your trial. Joe is a committed trial specialist with an intense focus on defining the issues and working with the team to develop a persuasion strategy.


Joe is a sole practitioner. When you hire him, you get him – not an assistant or colleague. He takes a few cases so he immerse himself fully for your case. The issues unique to your case drive the collaboration to find the most effective persuasion strategy.


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Joe Guastaferro